All you need to know about DNS proxies

What is a DNS proxy? This is essentially a server that allows someone using a computer, a mobile phone, or any other electronic device to access blocked content. Additionally, it gives one to access some restricted regions. A proxy server is connected to allow access to information. One of the main advantages of this proxy server is that it allows you to access restricted information regardless of where you are located. Listed below are some aspects relating to smart DNS proxy.

The difference between smart DNS and VPN


The main disparity between smart DNS and VPN is that the latter does not selectively direct traffic for specific sites. On the other hand, a DNS proxy does not encrypt communication. Also, it directs the entire traffic through the proxy. Most often, the latter are those of restrictive sites.

Benefits of a smart DNS over a VPN

Smart DNS has several benefits that will certainly make you consider having it. Listed below are some of these benefits.


This is one of the main benefits of smart DNS. It allows one to access any content within the shortest time possible. Besides, it also allows one to download your materials with ease. This is because this system redirects traffic via its server. This is contrary to what VPNs do.


Smart DNS proxy is compatible with many electronic devices. For instance, you can connect with gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, or even smart TVs. Thus, this allows one to enjoy access to information on any electronic gadget without fear of compatibility. On the other hand, VPN has an issue with compatibility with many electronic devices. Thus, this may limit access to the internet if you lack a device that is compatible with VPN.

Easy installation

Unlike VPNs, where you require elaborate manuals to configure to network connections, this is not the case with Smart DNS. The latter is easy to connect. Additionally, you do not need to buy complicated software or have detailed manuals to install this network.


This is another benefit of smart DNS. Both the initial subscription cost and the long-term costs are affordable. Additionally, there are minimal costs associated with the initial subscription. On the other hand, VPN subscriptions are expensive.

For you to enjoy a smart DNS proxy, it would be wise to consider searching for a reputable service provider. In your selection process, you need to be keen and take your time.