Different Types of Tools & Equipment Used by A Hairdresser

The beauty industry is growing yearly and with its expansion, more and more people are appreciating the profession. The hairdresser has become an important person when it comes to general hair grooming. Most of them have invested heavily on equipment that are best suited to meet the various customer needs. If you are thinking of starting a business in hair dressing, the right equipment attracts customers and helps you build customer base in record time. .

You may initially buy the basic equipment but in time increase your supplies per customer preferences. The following is a list of tools and equipment that hairdressers use:

Reception desk

This is the first point of contact for your client and your business. This needs tasteful design and appearance to appeal to your clients. The size of the reception area depends on the layout of the salon and space of your site.

Waiting area chairs

facial treatment

Since it is not practical that all clients attended to at the same time, it is important to have an area where they can wait their turn. Provide entertainment, magazine or a snack in this area as they wait. Per your preference and budget, you can have standalone chair or couches.
Hair brushes

Equipping your salon with hairdressing combs and brushes is key. These vary in size and function. For example, there are wide toothed and tail-end combs, square brushes, paddle brushes etc.

Hair steamers

These moisturize hair. They are also used in massaging and application of hair dyes and colors. They vary in size and price. Choose one that suits your needs.

Hair clippers/scissors

These vary in size from about 4.5 to 8 inches. A scissors specialist can help you zero on one that best suits you. This will help you to enhance your cutting skills. The shorter the scissors, the more precise the cut is. Similarly, the longer or larger the scissors is, the more skilled the blending.

Shampoo bowls

A shampoo bowl is a sink that used for hair washing and hair conditioning. The customer seats with the his/her head back towards the shampoo bowl for any procedure the hairdresser wishes to do on them. It has a drain system and a lever that is set for the hairdresser’s working comfort.

Hair styling tools and styling chairs


These range from blow dryers, latest hair straighteners, hair curlers etc. These are designed to meet customer styling demands. Hair Styling Chairs are necessities in a hair dresser shop. They come in different designs and colors which should much your decor and preference.